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Avast! Davy Jones has returned to the Caribbean. Venture over to Isla Tormenta if ye dare!

Welcome, Pirate!


  • Green "Supporter" nametag to show your premium status (Game)
  • 5,000 monthly gold doubloons on your main pirate (Game)
  • Full access to VIP gameservers (Game)
  • 300 total friend slots (Regular users have 200)
  • Premium access to POR's official Discord Server (Discord)
  • Savvy Sponsor nametag in POR's official Discord Server (Discord)
  • Access to VIP Forum Threads (Forums)
  • Unique "Supporter" nameplate (Forums)
  • Custom colored user text (Forums)
  • Unlimited sized user avatar (Forums)
  • Ability to change your username (Forums)