Pirates Online Retribution


Welcome, Pirate!


How it all started...

Following several years of growing discontent with the lack of progress being made by TLOPO  (The Legend of Pirates Online) , as well as their repeated crimes against our community, we, the crew of Pirates Online Retribution took it upon ourselves to revitalize our beloved swashbuckling MMO once and for all! We offer a lag-free, 100% free to play, family friendly gaming environment with frequent content updates, and a very hands-on and attentive staff. We put our community first, because we recognize and understand that they are what ultimately helped to make POTCO the legendary game that it is today!

The Crew

Pearson W Founder and Project Manager

The guild guru of Pirates Online, Pearson founded Pirates Online Retribution in June of 2016 with Noah Rochefort and a small group of talented and dedicated developers. He’s unshakable in his mission to see Pirates Online fully restored to the former POTCO community in its full and public form! In his free time, you’ll find him studying, overseeing communities, and innovating upon old ideas.


Noah R Co. Founder

The master of PvP on Pirates Online, Noah, also known simply as “Hippie” was an iconic PvPer and Youtuber throughout much of POTCO’s existence. Today, he hosts tournaments on Pirates Online Retribution, and creates engaging videos on the POR Youtube Channel.


Cj G Co. Founder

One of the most prominent figures on POTCO, and the legendary former GM of “Spania”, Cj, also known as Carlos or Treasurer hosted the first Pirates Online Forums several years ago and has today joined forces with Pirates Online Retribution to see our beloved swashbuckling mmo finally restored to the community!


Hallagon Lead Developer

The real brains behind the project, Hallogan joined Pirates Online Retribution in August of 2016 after being recruited by Pearson Wright. Since then, he’s worked tirelessly to make POR the great project that it is today. In his free time, you’ll find him fixing bugs, implementing new features on POR, playing games, and studying.


Skye Lead Web Developer

Skye is responsible for many various things at POR, but his main focus is leading the web development team, and developing backend tools for other developers and staff to use, including anything from our name approval program, database management tools, and login APIs.


DelSystem Administrator

Del is a steadfast Game / Web developer who is in charge of Launcher / Discord API development, as well as team recruitment and testing.


Jordan MExecutive Developer

Jordan is an experienced and dedicated Game \ Bot Developer who builds many of the features you love and enjoy at POR!


Alexx CExecutive Developer

Working student who enjoys playing pirates and loves playing with techy stuff.


TitorExecutive Developer

Titor is an extremely experienced Game Developer who has worked with the community to bring the features you want and desire!


Daniel A Lead Game Designer

Daniel Alves is in charge of all 3D modeling projects at POR, brining POR it's unique and authentic playing environment! He hopes you enjoy their work!


AustinGame Designer



Jack Game Designer

Jack is an avid designer who is dedicated to making new content for POR! He works with Daniel to bring you new islands, ships, etc.


Kyle S Lead Moderator

The Doctor of Pirates Online, Kyle, also known as DrSips is a avid gamer and was a enthusiastic POTCO player throughout the years. Today he enjoys playing in-game and conversing with the POR community.


Benjamin S Moderator

Ahoy there for those who dont know me, I be named captain Saneghost. I love to play games sail the windy seas and pvp against others in competitions ya see.


Emilio SModerator

Single handedly brought back the greatest guild the Caribbean has ever known “I N F E R N O”, an avid member of the community, helping pirates day and night throughout all of POR’s social media platforms and in game, working tirelessly to better the community and bring back the legendary game under a new banner.