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Welcome, Pirate!

The Heart of Padres!

Claim yers before it's too late!


Ahoy, mateys! Recently thar has been trouble brewin' over on the volcanic island of Padres Del Fuego. Lord Cutler Beckett and those blimey East India Company thugs have taken control of the mines and are reapin' themselves a mighty fortune from its rich gem deposits buried deep within the Heart of the island. Legend has it, a curse was conjured up hundreds of years ago by the natives of the island to dispel any and all invaders from ever layin' claim to it. Although long thought to be not but a myth or a talk of the trade, it would seem that thar may be a bit of truth to the tale after all. The local gypsies of the island have given me permission to share with ye all a code that'll allow ye to lay claim to one of only a handful of the cursed swords left from all those years ago. Thar be a catch though. In return, ye be expected to aid the locals in helping clear out all those damned Navy and EITC invaders! ​


Ye can redeem the followin' code: "Heart of Padres" for the Heart of Padres Sword This be a mighty powerful weapon mates. Only the best of the best can wield her! We think ye be up to the task. ​​

Fair Winds
~ The Crew @ Pirates Online Retribution


I can't claim because when i go near tab or press it my game crashes.


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