Pirates Online Retribution is officially PUBLIC once again!

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POR - Auction!

POR is officially being auctioned off on November 10th!


As of today, Pirates Online Retribution (POR), and all of its respective assets are officially being auctioned off to the highest bidder, who will be declared the new owner of the entire project no later than November 10th. The assets being auctioned off include the POTCO Community Discord (with over 1,100 members, making it the biggest POTCO Discord there is), the POR Facebook page (With 30,000+ likes making it the biggest POTCO FB page there is), the POTCO Memories FB page with 4,000+ likes, the POR Youtube Channel, with 1,700 subscribers, dozens of videos, and the most popular/viewed POTCO video to date, the POR game repository, launcher repository, website repository, custom astron, and custom panda 3d builds, the website itself, all of POR's respective web, authentication, and game servers hosted through OVH, and the piratesforums.com, piratesforums.us, and piratesonline.us domains. The management of POR no longer wishes to retain an active leadership role in the POTCO community, but feels entitled to be able to receive a return on their enormous investment of money, and time put into POR made over the past year and a half. Please PM us your bids on Discord ASAP if you are interested in participating in the auction. We will be posting the highest bids every 24 hours, and will announce a final buyer on November 10th. For additional information related to transaction history, developer payouts, etc


Be sure to join us on our Forums over at https://piratesforums.com as well to connect with yer fellow Pirates and Swashbucklers here at POR! 


Fair Winds
~ The Crew @ Pirates Online Retribution


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