Pirates Online Retribution is officially PUBLIC once again!

Our Pirate God rank will be 75% OFF from now until December 30th

Welcome, Pirate!

Purge Night is Here!

Come out and join us, one last time!


We will be hosting a Game Master event tomorrow evening from 9pm until our official privatization at Midnight EST U.S on Tortuga, Abassa. At this final GM event, also known as PURGE NIGHT, GMs will be giving out an constant stream of items, and weapons, turning players undead, and into ghosts, and causing endless PvP mayhem all across the island! We will also be revealing an assortment of never-before-seen content! As a final reminder, any player who is not subscribed to the Pirate King rank, or who has not purchased Pirate God prior to midnight tomorrow, will lose access following privatization. Those who subscribe before Midnight tomorrow will be joining our ranks as Game Masters for all eternity! Be sure to invite all of your friends to come out and join us one last time to make this a night to remember!


Be sure to join us on our Forums over at https://piratesforums.com as well to connect with yer fellow Pirates and Swashbucklers here at POR! 


Fair Winds
~ The Crew @ Pirates Online Retribution


Looking forward to see you all at the event! :)

It's been a good run, mates. Huge thanks to Pearson and all rest of the staff for putting their blood sweat and tears into this came making it the best it can possibly be. Huge thanks to the community as well <3

Would be so much fun! Can't wait to be GM! :)

Tis' be a sad day my friends However looking forward to seeing the event lighten up the caribbean once again

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