Pirates Online Retribution is officially PUBLIC once again!

Our Pirate God rank will be 75% OFF from now until December 30th

Welcome, Pirate!

Pirates Online Community Discord!

Introducing our fully restructured Pirates Online Discord!


In an effort to bring the POTCO community closer together, pool our resources together, and bring about an end to the divisiveness that has plagued our community for the past year, we've restructured our Discord by adding several new text-channels, and removing a few old ones. We've also renamed the Discord to: Pirates Online Community, changed our Server icon, and added three new Discord roles: @POTCO Unity, @POR, and @TLOPO Anyone is welcome to be given one, two, or all three of these roles if you so wish it. Type =giveme unity to be assigned to @POTCO Unity, =giveme por to be assigned to @POR, and/or =giveme tlopo to be assigned to @TLOPO! Last but not least, we've enabled the reactions feature to be used by anyone in our Discord in our #community-news text-channel. That means you all better like this post! Visit https://discord.gg/ehbXqzF to join the official Pirates Online Community Discord!


Be sure to join us on our Forums over at https://piratesforums.com as well to connect with yer fellow Pirates and Swashbucklers here at POR! 

Fair Winds
~ The Crew @ Pirates Online Retribution


Let's bring the community back together and restore POTCO to its former glory!

Lets finally bring the potco game we all want

The POTCO community has gone was out of hand, it is time we relive the legend.

Merge in 5

The time has come , UNITE!!!!

The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives

Bring an end to this divisiveness and start working together for the sake of the community and game.

We have been apart for so long, lets end the bickering and become one again!

Combining efforts helps the players and staff of both community. We both have one goal-let's do all that we can to reach it as efficiently as possible.

Yay! Lets bring this community back to one!

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