Pirates Online Retribution is now officially privatized as a Game Master sandbox server!

Our Pirate God rank will be 75% OFF from now until May 1st!

Welcome, Pirate!

Do ye fear death?

Davy Jones has returned to the Caribbean!



Davy Jones has finally returned to the Caribbean, and is hiding out with his accursed crew in the cursed caverns of Isla Tormenta. Venture there if ye dare and face him, or if ye be wise, steer clear of those wretched caverns and forestall yer own fate a wee-bit longer, that is... of course, if you value your own soul. Ye have been warned!


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Fair Winds
~ The Crew @ Pirates Online Retribution


Finally. :)

Do you? *stabs Davy's heart*

that's awesome :)

Omg ogmg omg so excited(exclamation mark x10)

He's, uh... level 73... Anyone else considering a life of corn farming instead?


Hurray! What a great addition to the game! :D

"You are neither dead nor dying...what is your purpose here!?"

Davy !!!! Arggghhh , we have a score to settle !!!!

A sneak peek to Davy Jones Story Content?! :D Ooooo Boy!

Keep Up The Good Work!

launcher doesn't work

When's open beta...

when will launcher be fixed?

launcher not working

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