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Welcome, Pirate!

A Mysterious Discovery!

Has he discovered the ancient lair of Jolly Roger?


Avast! Captain Sam here! Just last evenin', I stumbled across a mythical island which has long been clouded in mystery on the far outskirts of the Caribbean. Long believed to be not but the talk of rumors and legends, it seems now that this here island is much more real than we once thought, and I best not even begin to imagine what doom awaits any pirate mad enough to venture there!


If ye are in fact daring and bold enough to try and sail to this cursed rock, bear one thing in mind. Thar be talk that this here island is in fact the ancient home of the devilish pirate captain, Jolly Roger. As ye are surely aware by now, Jolly Roger is no friend to us pirates, and I therefore feel obliged to caution ye against going to such a place unless ye know what exactly it is ye be gettin' yerself into. Fair winds, and godspeed for now me hearties! 


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Fair Winds
~ The Crew @ Pirates Online Retribution


Are we about to raid Jolly Roger now?

Jolly confirmed

I can't wait to see what comes of this

wow i heard about the concept art for this in the original game, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK


When do we get the ships to sail arrr Matey


ahoy I was wondering if the game was going to be fixed all the way we all cant buy anything in the game and we all keep crashing.. thank ye

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