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The Devil's Dolls!

Voodoo dolls have been fully implemented!


Ahoy there, mates! Late last night, a massive shipment of what appear to my eyes to be "dolls" of some sort or another landed on the beaches of Tortuga. Upon lookin' a wee bit closer at 'em, I couldn't help but notice what appeared to be some familiar faces of some of the local townsfolk. 


Out of sheer curiosity, I took a poke at one of 'em and almost immediately felt a sharp burning sensation in me leg, and the doll began to glow an ominous dark color. I'll leave it up to all of ye to decide for yerselves how to handle these devilish toys, but be warned, they be a lot more dangerous than they appear. 


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Fair Winds
~ The Crew @ Pirates Online Retribution



At long last

So excited that dolls have been added! Woot! Thank you staff! <3

Totally went ham and maxed doll out in only 5-6hrs! Now just to master grenades woo! ~Nachos

Yeet :D


Sweeeeeeet but is it just me or are some of the skills not working properly? the Scorch doesnt ignite and the Curse doesnt increase damage?

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